A Happy Halloween from all at Dow Group.

October 31, 2022

We hope you have spooky fun.


Around 20 – 30,000 pumpkins are disposed of each year, the more we can use them ourselves, the less waste we produce and energy we need to process it all. Lets do our bit.

Read our top tips on how to use your pumpkins when Halloween is over.

  1. Feed the wildlife. Use it as a bird feeder – remember to hang your Pumpkin around 5 feet from the ground. The birds will love it. Or slice it up and place it somewhere away from your home. Deer, Squirrels and other wildlife enjoy fruit just like we do.
  2. Use the Pumpkin squash to make tasty Soup. Want to know how, here is a link to a rather tasty recipe from Jamie Oliver. https://www.jamieoliver.com/…/vege…/pumpkin-ginger-soup/
  3. Feed next years plants. Slice up your pumpkins and burry the pieces around 20-25cm in the ground. They’ll provide valuable nutrients to the soil and help next years flowers and fruits grow.
  4. Plant the seeds – for more tasty pumpkins next year.
  5. Make compost – slice up the Pumpkins and add to your own, or your local councils compost bin.

Dow Group is a waste disposal company utterly dedicated to the environment. If you need help disposing of waste, we’d love to help.

Find out more at: https://www.dowuk.com

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