Bee Engaged: Celebrating World Bee Day 2023.

May 22, 2023

Bee Engaged: Celebrating World Bee Day 2023 by DOW Group UK, Cumbernauld, Scotland.

It’s World Bee Day. Time to show our buzzy little friends some big love! Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, so we need to protect them. From food and agriculture to climate change mitigation, bees help to maintain biodiversity and keep our environment healthy.

Here at DOW Group UK, we understand the importance of sustainability, and we’re committed to doing our part to protect the planet. Our waste management solutions are designed with sustainability in mind, and we strive to impact the environment positively.

We care a lot about the bees and hope you will too. Let’s work together to protect these amazing little creatures and the environment that they help sustain.

Join us in celebrating World Bee Day 2023, and let’s make a difference!

DOW cares, do you?

For more information about Bees visit and to find out how you can help, please visit

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