Celebrate Earth Day 2024 with DOW Group UK.

April 22, 2024

Celebrate Earth Day 2024 with DOW. Let's all work together to protect our planet. See how DOW can help with your recycling.

This year’s theme is ‘Planet vs Plastics’.

Humans use a lot of plastic, and when it’s not disposed of responsibly, as it often isn’t, it causes a lot of harm to our environment. And sadly, waste plastic is frequently disposed of in places that harm our land and sea creatures.

Plastic never entirely breaks down. Paper products left in the environment take 2 – 5 months to disappear. Plastic, however, never actually disappears. It only gets smaller and smaller, and depending on the type, this process can take 20-500 years.

Based on the above, it makes perfect sense to minimise our use of plastics wherever and whenever possible.

So, here are some quick tips on how to make a difference…

1 – Carry a reusable bottle for your liquids instead of buying drinks in disposable plastic bottles.

2 – Avoid using plastic straws.

3 – Get your milk delivered in glass bottles instead of plastic containers. Many companies again offer this service, often selling other essentials like eggs, fruit, and vegetables.

4 – Avoid excess food packaging. Buy fruit and vegetables that aren’t prepacked in plastic but can be picked off the shelf and put into paper bags.

5 – Buy a reusable coffee/tea cup.

6 – Stop using cling film. Instead, use tin foil or reusable lunch boxes to keep things fresh. Did you know that, when cleaned before disposal, Tin Foil can be recycled?

7 – Choose your tea bags carefully. Some tea bags contain hidden plastics in their fabric or packaging. Check your brand’s labels to find out, or go one step further and try loose tea or reusable tea bags instead.

8 – Stop chewing gum and start buying plastic-free chewing gum. Did you know that many chewing gums are made of plastic, which breaks down into Microplastics! Microplastics are fragments of any plastics less than 5mm in size – a risk to us and other living beings like land and sea creatures.

9 – Collect and recycle all plastic you use; never throw anything away outside. If you see plastic somewhere, even if it’s not yours, why not collect it and dispose of it responsibly?

10 – Another way you can help is to tell people about the facts above and raise awareness about protecting our natural resources for the future, which is essential to the survival of all creatures, great and small.

If everyone joins in, it adds up to making a big difference.

Your personal contribution is crucial in making every day feel like Earth Day.

Watch our video and contact us to see how we can help.

Let’s all work together to protect our planet.
Dow cares. Do you?

DOW is a waste management, skip hire, and aggregates business based in Cumbernauld, Scotland. We dispose of all of the waste we receive ethically and responsibly.

We can help with all of your recycling needs.

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Visit https://www.earthday.org/ to learn more about how you can support World Earth Day.

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