Compaction waste containers – the perfect solution for companies that generate a lot of dry or wet waste.

March 13, 2023

Like your bin lorry, compaction containers use strong hydraulics to compact waste, maximising the amount you can get into the same space – which means less transport is needed to move your waste, saving your business time and money.

Dow rents compaction waste containers to businesses across Scotland and beyond. Our clients love us because they enjoy excellent customer service and a cost-effective and reliable waste management service.

Hire Compaction containers – in different sizes.
Dow hires Compaction containers in two sizes.

  • 30-yard (22.8 m3) – compaction container
  • 40-yard (30.4m3) – compaction container

Our waste compaction container service includes delivery and regular waste collections based on your company’s needs.

And did we mention that Dow is utterly dedicated to sustainability, so we maximise the recycling of all the waste we collect?

Whatever your waste management needs – Dow UK can help.
We offer a full range of corporate waste management services, including Bin hire, Skip Hire, and compaction container hire.
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