Compaction container hire Scotland,
by Dow Group.

If you want to hire a compaction waste container in Edinburgh, Glasgow or across Scotland, or need help with commercial waste disposal or Dow group is your perfect partner.

Container hire for waste disposal.

Hire a waste compaction container from Dow.

If your company produces a lot wet or dry waste we would recommend hiring a compactor container from Dow.

Using powerful hydraulics, compactors can compress waste materials so more of it can fit into the same space – reducing the amount that needs to be transported from your site to the commercial waste disposal centre – saving your time and money.

Compaction Containers for hire in Scotland

Hire from a compaction container from Dow Group for quick delivery.

Compactors are available in both static and portable types.

You can buy them or hire them from Dow for quick delivery and installation. Dow hires and sells Waste compaction containers to organisations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and across Scotland. If you’re not sure what you need, our expert team can provide help and advice on all things related to waste compaction container hire or purchase.

Whatever your business waste, trade waste or waste recycling needs Dow Group would be delighted to help you.

30yd (22.8m3)

Height (with lugs) 2.36m Length 5.79m Width 2.5m.


40yd (30.4m3)

Height (with lugs) 2.96m Length 5.79m Width 2.5m.


“I love the fact that we minimise landfill waste by recycling as much as is humanly possible”.

Samantha McConnell, Accounts Administrator.

Dow Group hires and rent containers of all sizes across Scotland and beyond.

Compaction Container hire with flexible terms.

Dow hires and rents waste compaction containers on negotiable terms. Hire your waste compaction containers on a range of flexible terms and timescales, or purchase for full ownership. Hire your waste compaction container from Dow today.

Hire a Waste compaction container from Dow.

The benefits of compaction containers

For organisations producing larger volumes of waste or recyclables such as paper, card or plastic, we can reduce the number of collections by using compaction and baling equipment. This achieves maximum payloads for every container, significantly reducing unnecessary journeys, increasing fuel efficiency, and enhancing your environmental performance.

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