Dow’s Comprehensive Guide to Combating Fly-tipping in Scotland

July 5, 2024

Dow's Comprehensive Guide to Combating Fly-tipping in Scotland. DOW Group UK are situated i Cumbernauld in Scotland

DOW Waste Disposal Solutions

In our series about fly-tipping, we’ve discussed why choosing a responsible waste partner is essential and what could happen if you don’t – fly-tipping, pollution, and damage to our natural habitats, to name a few.

Fly-tipped waste blights our rural land and countryside and puts the health and well-being of our communities at risk.

Householders and members of the public play a crucial role in tackling flytipping. You can make a significant difference by being careful and diligent in who you select for your waste disposal needs.

It’s always tempting to choose based on a quick waste disposal ad on social media or because of the cheap prices quoted. Still, your waste is your responsibility, and it pays to be diligent.

Here are a few tips to help you dispose of it responsibly and ethically.

1 – Always check the company you are considering to make sure it is reputable. A quick Google search will help—if you can’t find them online, that says a lot. Are they registered with Sepa? Can you find them online? Do they have a recycling facility? Do the addresses match up?

2 – Request their duty of care document and waste disposal ticket number before proceeding.

4 – Ask them where your waste is going and for proof that it will be properly processed and recycled. Tell them you will check.

5 – Check all of the details carefully. Does the recycling company/facility actually exist? Is it a real business? If this puts them off collecting your waste, you’ll know something is awry.

Reputable businesses are okay with being asked many questions and are more than happy to demonstrate their credentials. Following the steps above will ensure your waste doesn’t end up at the side of a road or in a farmer’s field. If we all select our waste disposal partners carefully, in time, we can reduce illegal and irresponsible waste disposal.

Trust Dow for responsible waste disposal.

With our recycling facility, Dow UK leads the charge in ethical and sustainable waste handling, ensuring a brighter future for all. We aim to make the most of all the waste we receive, turning it into something useful and avoiding landfills at all costs.

Dow is fully licensed for its work and provides legally compliant waste disposal solutions to householders and businesses across Scotland.

Whether you’re hiring a Skip for a house clear out or a simple wheelie bin to dispose of your excess weekly waste, as a responsible waste disposal company, we urge you to consider the importance of choosing the right waste management partner.

We’d love to hear from you if you need help with responsible waste management.

Dow cares. Do you?

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