It’s Scottish Wildcat Day.

August 8, 2023

Scottish Wild Cat Day 8th of August. Dow Group Uk has the environment at the heart of everything. DOW is a waste management company in Cumbernauld, Scotland.

Today celebrates our Scottish Wildcats and highlights that they are critically endangered in their home country. Our wildcats are threatened by habitat loss, hunting, hybridisation with domestic cats, and infectious diseases.

Here are some interesting facts you may not know about Scottish Wildcats:

  • Very few people have seen a wildcat – it’s Scotland’s most threatened mammal, with perhaps only a few hundred still alive.
  • None of the few left may be a pure wildcat, most carrying at least 25% domestic cat genes.
  • The average lifespan Of a Scottish Wildcat is 10—12 years in the wild.
  • Scottish wildcats have bigger brains than domestic cats and are cunning hunters.
  • Scottish wildcats only have one set of kittens per year.
  • They have many sensory hairs and long whiskers that allow them to detect minute movements.

Forest and Land Scotland are working alongside Saving Wildcats to help the Scottish Wildcats with positive forest management, supporting research on the existing population, and helping our partners to reinforce the population. Without urgent action, they will be extinct in Scotland.

Dow Group UK is a waste management company based in Cumbernauld, Scotland. Caring for the environment and all its precious creatures is at the heart of everything we do. We work extremely hard to minimise landfill by recycling everything we can.

Dow Cares, do you?

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