Join DOW UK in celebrating International Cheetah Day 2023.

December 1, 2023

This December, let’s shed some light on one of the planet’s most striking, fastest, and, unfortunately, most endangered cats: the cheetah.

Celebrated worldwide, International Cheetah Day falls on the 4th of December, raising awareness about the plight of these awe-inspiring cats that paint a vibrant picture of the African Savannah with their magnificence and agility.

Speeding Into Spotlight

Famed as the quickest animals on land, cheetahs have a speedometer that would put most cars to shame. Clocking speeds of 70 mph, approximately 110 kph, these spotted sprinters can reach these breathtaking speeds within a scant 3 seconds! With such unbelievable agility, it’s little wonder that the cheetah leaves most other animals in the African landscape in its dust.

But it isn’t just their staggering speed that makes these big cats extraordinary. Take a closer look; you’ll find a fascinating combination of power, precision, and physiological marvels.

Beauty Is More Than Fur Deep

Look beyond the cheetah’s famous speed and discover a beautifully patterned coat bedecked with solid black spots. It may come as a surprise to many that the spots aren’t just skin-deep. The cheetah’s fur grows from its black-spotted skin, creating an intriguing aesthetic effect.

Mighty Strides And Expert Hunting

In a high-speed chase, the stride length of a cheetah is a jaw-dropping 6-7 meters, roughly 21 feet! In each stride, a cheetah’s feet touch the ground two times, revealing another astounding physical attribute.

Despite their tremendous speed, cheetahs aren’t more than just swift but also skilled hunters. Preferring to hunt in daylight, cheetahs feed on smaller antelope like springbok, steenbok, Thomson’s gazelle, and duiker. After chasing down their prey with sheer speed, they deliver a deadly bite to the throat, resulting in suffocation, a ruthless but necessary means of survival in the harsh wilderness.

However, beneath these fascinating facts and characteristics lie an alarming reality – the drastic reduction of their population. Africa’s most endangered big cat, the cheetah, now counts less than 7,500 members in the wild. A staggering number reflects the urgency to protect these marvellous creatures from becoming mere footnotes in wildlife history.

This International Cheetah Day, let’s step forward with DOW Group UK to spread the word, raise awareness, and help preserve these incredible creatures and their habitat. Their survival story is still ongoing. Every little bit helps, and with collective efforts, we can give these fascinating felines a fighting chance. For the cheetah and our planet’s wildlife diversity, let’s pull together and turn this race around!

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