Let’s reduce resource depletion and harmful emissions from landfills in 2024.

January 29, 2024

Like many places around the globe, Scotland is dealing with significant environmental issues. These include plastic pollution, the wastage of valuable resources, and carbon emissions from landfill sites.

Here are a few we think everyone should be aware of:

Electronic waste, or e-waste.

With the constant technological advancements and relentless turnover of devices, e-waste is becoming a critical environmental issue.

DOW is committed to establishing robust recycling programs to help reduce the volume of e-waste and reclaim valuable metals used in electronics, minimising the need for harmful mining practices.

Sustainable packaging.

Consider replacing non-recyclable or excessive packaging with eco-friendly alternatives, ensuring products can reach consumers in a way that reduces environmental harm and increases reuse.

A Circular economy in Scotland.

Instead of ‘taking, making, and disposing’ of items, we could repair, reuse, and recycle as much as possible. This would maximise the use of existing resources and reduce the need for unnecessary manufacturing.

All these resolutions are based on the principles of waste management Dow UK is committed to – we aim to recycle 100% of your waste. Just as all the aggregates we collect are recycled, we intend to continue transforming your trash into an energy source to power homes across Scotland.

Above all else, we aim to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management solutions for a greener Scotland in 2024.

Dow offers many waste management solutions to homeowners and businesses across Scotland. Whether you need a simple wheelie bin or a large-scale commercial waste management partner, we can help.

Contact our waste team for further information, or visit our website.

Dow cares. Do you?

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