The Big Recycling Hunt 2023 is on!

October 16, 2023

The Big Recycling Hunt 2023 DOW Group UK

Are you ready for Recycle Week 2023? This year’s theme is The Big Recycling Hunt and runs from 16-22 October 2023. This year, it’s all about capturing those items that often get missed in the recycling process at home.

You can learn more about how you can help by visiting
Did you know the following items can also be recycled?
  • Batteries and rechargeable batteries
  • Greeting cards
  • Glass jars
  • Eyeglasses
  • Pizza boxes can be recycled if not greasy or soiled with food.
  • Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, oatmeal canisters
  • Packaging for things like tissues, toothbrushes and other hygienic products
  • Deodorant packaging (even some spray cans)
  • Clean Aluminium foil
By recycling the items above and everything else you already do, we can further protect our precious planet and reduce waste going to landfills.
So, let’s all get involved in Recycle Week 2023 and do our bit to capture those commonly missed items.
Dow cares. Do you?
At DOW, we’re committed to helping our customers reduce waste and recycle more efficiently. We offer a range of waste disposal solutions, from skips and containers to tippers and grab lorries.
If you’re looking for a waste management partner who puts safety first and can help you meet your recycling targets, look no further than DOW. We’re based in Scotland and have the expertise and experience to help you recycle more efficiently.
Together, we can make a real difference.
And if you need help with waste management or recycling, remember – DOW can help.

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