World Ocean Day 2023

June 5, 2023

World Ocean Day 2023 DOW GROUP UK, Cumbernauld, Scotland.

World Ocean Day 2023 is here, and taking action’s more critical than ever. Did you know tons of rubbish, clothes, and plastic find their way into the ocean daily?

That’s where Dow Group UK comes in. As a waste management company, we’re passionate about the environment, and it’s at the core of everything we do. We collect, sort and recycle rubbish, turning it into something useful to power homes nationwide.

Let’s work together to protect our oceans. Join us, and let’s make a difference.

Please learn more about what DOW Group UK can do to help you and help our beautiful planet’s oceans, by visiting:

If you’d like to discover more about World Ocean Day and found out how you can help, please visit:

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